Sequoia Console Table

Sequoia Console Table: Natural Beauty With A Modern Fashionable Twist

Have you ever walked through a park or zoo and admire the natural sculpture of an ancient tree?

Maybe you’ve used intricately woven roots as a bench, or curled at the base of an oak and dreamed of bringing some of that breathtaking beauty into the décor of your personal space?

Those in search of a unique accent table, whether braced against a wall or holding court in the dining room, would do well to take a look at the Sequoia Console Table by Z Gallerie, inspired by the discovery of a long-forgotten natural system of tree roots native to the Indian subcontinent.

Created from a resin mold, and sculpted to look like the roots of an Acacia tree, these tables are visually striking and come in gold or silver metallic hues. Standing 31 inches in height, each table is also 58 inches in width, with a depth of 13 inches.

This leaves plenty of room to add your own touch, from candles or candy dishes to family photos. Or leave the surface empty – the console table is outstanding enough all by itself.

And, for the home decorator who likes to indulge in matching sets, these tables can be paired with equally arresting dining tables.

Assembled from similar resin molds, the dining room table is larger, standing at 30 inches in height, boasts a diameter of 60 inches, and the glass top is ½ inch thick. As an added incentive, regular upkeep is fairly simple.

The instructions are easy to follow. Remember to avoid abrasive cleaning ingredients, such as crèmes or furniture polishes, because these beautiful tables do not require much elbow grease.

Instead of buying expensive over-the-counter cleansers, all you need to do is wipe down the surface of either table with a slightly damp cloth and let them dry.

Purchase just one – or both – of these amazing tables. Have fun mixing and matching the metallic colors – you can choose gold or silver – and bring a little bit of the natural world into your home.

It probably won’t take more than a dinner party to the furniture guide the conversation. Maybe you’ll even start a neighborhood fashion trend!

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