Console Table

Semi Circle Console Table


A semi-circle console table, also called Demilune or half-round is typically placed behind a free- standing sofa, or in a foyer as an accent table. However, there are so many more uses and places for such a lovely addition to any home.

A Demilune can be placed with straight edge against a wall to hold a lamp and dish for keys and cellphone in an entryway. Add a mirror on the wall and you have the perfect place to check your make-up or straighten your tie before leaving home.

A large semi-circle console table can be used to replace a space-hogging media center. In this instance, you will need a console sturdy enough to support your devices. The larger pieces usually have shelves beneath to display your media components yet maintain a small footprint.

Wood is the traditional material used to build furniture, however a semi-circle console can be constructed of glass set in a wrought iron frame, or a ceramic tile surface on a wood frame. Wooden consoles can be painted to match or compliment your color scheme.

The possibilities are endless. There are low semi-circle consoles used as end tables with the flat edge against a chair or sofa arm. Some have a drawer along the curved edge which can be useful to hold the television remote or perhaps the book you are reading.

A semi-circle console table can also be used as a vanity in the bedroom or bathroom. Because of the design, they take up less space than an oblong console. They sit flat against a wall with no corners to run into.

Hang a mirror above, add some lighting and you have a perfect place to apply your make-up or fix your hair. A skirt can be added to the front to increase hidden storage space below.

If you have an unused alcove in your home, you might add a semi-circle console to fill the space and create a home office. Be sure the piece is sturdy enough to hold what you require, i.e. computer or laptop and a note pad. You may decide to add a wall mounted light fixture to free up your work surface.

When you entertain, a half-round console can substitute as a bar, using shelves beneath for glasses and liquor, leaving the top free as work space.

Regardless of where you use a semi-circle console table it will be invaluable.

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