Modern Console Table for House Profile

Modern console table is a kind of console table that is popular today. This console table has modern design that can give modern looks to the room. The modern design is usually a design which has unusual shape and also unusual. As the function to display beauty decoration on it this console table can be created of many materials but the most popular material that used to create this console table is acrylic material. Besides, concrete and metal are also popular material in creating this console table. This console table is suitable in any house style but the most house style that uses it is a minimalist house. Continue reading Modern Console Table for House Profile

Acrylic Console Table for House Furniture

Acrylic console table is a console table which is made of acrylic material. What actually acrylic material is? Acrylic material is a manufactured fiber which in fiber forming substance is any long chain synthetic polymer composed of at least eighty five percent by weight of acrylonitrile units. In simple words that are explained by Dr. Bernard P. Corbman in his book Fiber to Fabric, acrylic material is basically a type of plastic. That is why a console table which using acrylic as the material is looked likes using glass material because it has the transparent characteristic like glass. It is a man made material that means this material has chemical substances inside the material. Continue reading Acrylic Console Table for House Furniture

Marble Console Table for Luxury Touch

Marble console table is a console table which using marble material in all parts of the table. Marble is a material which comes from nature in a form of a rock. This rock has the characteristics of solid that makes marble become a material that cannot be broken easily. Marble material also becomes the material that has the identity of luxury if it used as furniture or decoration material. Marble is a unique rock that has some kind of patterns at the surface that comes naturally. This kind of rock is also difficult to find out because it is only exist in particular places. Continue reading Marble Console Table for Luxury Touch

Polyvore Curved Console Table Design

Curved Console Table is a unique table that is usually used for a place to put the items to decorate your home at the same time. This table is usually rectangular in shape with the shape of the table legs are uniquely designed with different shapes. Its unique shape makes the table is a means for the furniture craftsmen to bring their creativity. A furniture brand called Polyvore also one issuer specific design for a console table. The special design called Fine Furniture Design presents an elegant design that can bring a luxurious feel to your home. Console table can be placed in the living room of your home. Continue reading Polyvore Curved Console Table Design

Sofa Console Table with Wood Material

Sofa console table is an ideal choice for your room. This table can be applied near the sofa in your living room. With the application of this console table, your living room will feel more complete and convenient. Besides placed behind a sofa, console table can also be placed in the corner of living room. Here, a console table can be used as a place flower vase and ornate living room. You could put your family photos neatly on the table. For material choice, you can choose a wide selection of materials. One of the most appropriate materials is wood. This is a very appropriate choice because it will give the impression that a beautiful and comfortable in your room. This is the reason most people choose this console table. Continue reading Sofa Console Table with Wood Material

Espresso Console Table as Your Interior

Espresso console table is a very sweet choice for your room. This console table has a very beautiful design with a brown or black color which is thick with the feel of coffee. No wonder if this table be an option for many people who like the color brown and dark. Basically, to decorate and fill the room with a console table can be done in several ways. You can apply console table according to your interior. In addition, you also have to consider the model and the function of the console table, the table is only for decoration only or also as a place to store goods. Continue reading Espresso Console Table as Your Interior